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The First HU Outdoors

The First HU Outdoors

In the spirit of unity, brotherhood and a new beginning the Haigazian University clubs, societies and sports teams and joined there effort to organize the first outdoors in Haigazian University, on Friday, October 19 from 4 till midnight.
The pigeons that were released at the opening represented peace, freedom and unity our youth is longing for.
Different shows like the crazy dunkers, band performances, prizes and lots of interesting sales and bazaars took place.
Vision presented a picture gallery which asked the youth a basic question "DID U LIVE THE WAR?" The Actors Club featured a short promotion movie accompanied a member of the club commenting on stage; the Desert Streams Club distributed free cakes, promoted their two major projects of the year, distributed letters to faculty and staff, provided a survey on unemployment, poverty, literacy, bombs,..... in Lebanon and displayed a movie on all their past and future activities; the Environmental Club provided a tree hugging opportunity, a survey on environmental issues, henne floral decorations, and a tree sponsoring opportunity....; the Photography Club dressed up and took exotic pictures in their well designed African corner, and sold pictures of old events. So many students joined in the Extreme Team's rapelle and Bunji-run activities. The Sports Department offered several sports activities and competitions to the students and guests. It included badminton, a professional table-tennis guest player, a basketball 3-point shooting contest, and an exciting show of the crazy dunkers.
The event was a success and it put us all in an optimistic mood of a fruitful academic and co-curricular year. It ended in a group dance, whereby we all danced the dabkeh and the "shourtchbar" hand in hand.
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