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Professor Marc Nichanian lectures on: "From Constantinople to Venice in the days of Lord Byron".
Professor Marc Nichanian lectures on: "From Constantinople to Venice in the days of Lord Byron."

Beirut, November 9, 2007- Renowned Professor Marc Nichanian, delivered his first public lecture entitled, "From Constantinople to Venice in the days of Lord Byron", on October 31, in Haigazian University Auditorium, among a capacity audience of Armenian intellectuals, writers, faculty, staff and students.
Dr. Nichanian, who is currently a visiting professor in the Armenian Studies Department, explored the events of the second decade of the nineteenth century, i.e. the period when Armenian national philology was invented.
Nichanian noted that that this philology was established through a strange play of gazes and sub¬stitutions between Europeans, Greeks, and Armenians, or between the raging Phil¬hellenism of the time and a nascent "Philarmenism" that the Mekhitarist fathers wanted to foster.
Nichanian highlighted on the fact that Lord Byron was one of the main representatives of this Phil¬hellen¬ism in Europe, and was soon converted into a propagator of "Philarmenism".
Nichanian shared with the audience the mysterious aspect of Lord Byron''s desire of learning Armenian, immediately upon his arrival to Ven¬ice in November 1816.
During the course of the lecture, based on the heeds of a recent article by Giancarlo Bolognesi, Marc Nichanian expounded the historical and contextual reasons behind this desire, presenting the colorful personality of Ludovico Arborio di Breme, who played a crucial role as the intermediary between Lord Byron and the Mekhitarist Fathers.

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