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Dr. Samih Azar signs his book: "Collection of Essays in Economics"
Dr. Samih Azar signs his book: "Collection of Essays in Economics"

On Thursday, November 8, 2007, after the Faculty Assembly meeting, Dr. Samih Azar, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, signed his new release, "Collection of Essays in Economics", among Haigazian University faculty members.
The book, a Haigazian University 2007 publication, is a collection of fourteen essays in the vast field of economics, consisting of diversified treatment of subjects, ranging from US financial markets to smoking behavior of university students in Lebanon.
Dr. Azar explained that the main purpose of the book is to show how statistical and econometric techniques can be used, and are used worldwide, to solve economic problems and provide policy decisions.
Azar added that economic research and analysis are nowadays based on such techniques, and the majority of journal publications show plainly that trend.
"Any student of business or economics needs to be equipped with such technical knowledge in order to understand and contribute to research in the field", Azar said.
The approach in the book is essentially quantitative, and is rooted in the ever growing field of applied economics, and could be assigned in classrooms where statistics and econometrics are taught, and also in many graduate courses.
It is worth noting that the book will be followed by a sequel with the title: Collection of Essays in Financial Economics, to be published soon.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director

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