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"Here, There and Yonder": The Recent Works of Missak Terzian at Haigazian University
"Here, There and Yonder": The Recent Works of Missak Terzian at Haigazian University

On Friday the 18th of January 2008, under the high patronage of the Ambassador of Armenia to Lebanon, H.E. Dr. Vahan Der Ghevontian, opened the painting exhibition of Missak Terzian, at the Haigazian University Art Center, Matossian Gallery, amidst a big crowd of diplomats, religious leaders, artists, and media representatives and art appreciators.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, Haigazian University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian welcomed the audience and explained the new vision of the recently renovated gallery.
"Named after the late Arthur Matossian, spouse of Maggie Matossian, founder of the University's Women?s Auxiliary, Beirut Chapter, and longtime member its Board of Managers and Trustees, the Matossian Gallery operates under the supervision of a committee who's vision is to promote various forms of art, and to enrich the Center with an artwork collection, offered as a gift by exhibiting artists", stated Haidostian.

Ambassador Der Ghevontian delivered a short speech, congratulating Haigazian University for its leading role in promoting culture, as well as the artist for his creativity and the splendor of his work. Der Ghevontain added that the Embassy of Armenia is always ready to sponsor and collaborate in such activities, thus encouraging cultural interchange between the two countries, Lebanon and Armenia.

Terzian, expressed of his pride and gratitude towards Haigazian University, for giving him the opportunity to introduce his recent works in the University's Art Center.
Terzian shared with the audience the spirit of his exhibition, "Here, There and Yonder", stating that it represents the reality of the Lebanese and the Armenian people, who, due to wars, are spread apart in various regions of the world. Basically these two populations are here and there and yonder.
"It is my wish to see Lebanon free, independent and stable, the Lebanese people and families reunited in their country, as my paintings of the different regions of Lebanon are united under one roof", Terzian concluded.

In his 52nd exhibition, Missak Terzian is exhibiting 50 oil and acrylic paintings of various sizes, in addition to limited editions of original lithographs.
Missak's (as he signs his paintings) favorite theme is the "Couples", presented in an abstract and semi-abstract style. After 25 years of his career, Missak reintroduces the different Lebanese heritage regions. The Citadels of Byblos and Sydon, the Ruins of Baalbeck, the Waterfalls of Jezzine, and the Pigeons Grotto of the Rock of Raouche were the highlights of this exhibition.

It is worth noting that right after this exhibition, Artist Misak Terzian will feature his works in the Jacob Javits Convention Center, Artexpo, in New York City, from February 28 till March 3, 2008.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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