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Student Life Workshop on Project Management, March 8

A group of to-be leaders of HU activity clubs and societies were gathered in the of Saturday, March 8 in order to be at Haigazian at 9am to attend a Project Management Workshop given by Haigazian University ITS Director, Mr. Nazareth Nicolian.
Although some of us may have been somewhat cranky to have had to get out of bed initially, most, if not all participating students found it quite worth it almost instantaneously. They covered many aspects of how to properly manage a project over the course of three hours.
At the end of the lecture session (which was interrupted by a couple "refreshment" breaks as well as lunch), the students were divided into teams. Each group got a certain Student Life oriented project (not surprisingly, it WAS a Student Life organized workshop), and got to interactively apply what they had learnt during the previous hours. Finally, each group got to creatively present the results of their one hour planning meeting and then take a few questions from the audience, as well as feedback from Mr. Nicolian.
It was a great step forth on Student Life's behalf, be it in enriching the students' skills, or in preparing them for more beneficial workshops to come in the future.
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