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Professor Marc Nichanian lectures on:
Professor Marc Nichanian lectures on: "Hagop Oshagan in the Tchanghere Prison"

Beirut, March 18, 2008- Renowned Professor Marc Nichanian, delivered his second public lecture entitled, "Hagop Oshagan in the Prison of Tchangere," on March 12, in Haigazian University Auditorium, among a capacity audience of Armenian intellectuals, writers, faculty, staff and students.

Dr. Nichanian, who is currently a visiting professor in the Armenian Studies Department, presented his lecture as being an echo of the questions raised in his most recent French volume, Le Roman de la Catastrophe, to be published in 2008 by the publishing house MétisPresse in Geneva.

The event opened with the welcoming words of the University's Public Relations Director, Mira Yardemian, who briefly introduced the educational and teaching background of the guest speaker Marc Nichanian, in addition to naming his various publications in French, English and Armenian languages.

The topic of Marc Nichanian's lecture was the unwritten part of Oshagan's novel Mnasortats, of which only the first two parts have been published. As it is well known, Oshagan was unable to write the third part of the novel, in which he purported to "approach the Catastrophe."

After presenting Oshagan's biography and describing the general features of his novelistic output, Marc Nichanian reviewed the reasons given by Oshagan for this failure and proposed a reading of the scarce passages (spread in Panorama of Western-Armenian literature), where Oshagan gives an idea of what he intended to do in this third part of the novel. One of these passages was supposed to give an account of the "last" night of the Armenian intellectuals, these "princes of the spirit," in Tchangere. The latter is the ill-famed place in Turkey where most of the arrested Armenian intellectuals during the round-up of April 24 were deported. Very few survived. Of course, Hagop Oshagan was not arrested on April 24 and has never been in Tchangere. In this respect, the audience was very curiously listening to Nichanian, in order to decode the mystery of Hagop Oshagan's sojourn in the "Prison of Tchangere."

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director

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