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HU Actors Club on Stage with Neil Simon's Rumors on April 4, 5, 6

A couple invites their friends over for their 10th anniversary. The first couple arrives only to find the husband shot and barely conscious, the wife is missing, the servants are nowhere to be seen and nothing has been prepared for the party. There begins a hilarious cover-up while the guest couple tries to hide what is truly going on from the other dysfunctional couples that arrive gradually, but it quickly turns into a mess because no one can remember who said what to whom. And it goes from bad to worse until the surrealistically final scene where it is all explained and cleared up...maybe!
10 HU students will perform on stage while another 10 will be supporting them on backstage. The play is directed by Sahar Assaf, and supervised by HU Student Life Assistant Director, Alan Kairouz.
Founded in 1966, the HU Actors' Club is one of the oldest clubs at Haigazian. This is their fifth consecutive annual public performance
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