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Khatchig Mouradian Lectures on Lemkin and the Armenian Genocide

Beirut, June 24, 2008- On Monday June 23, 2008, the Armenian Studies Department at Haigazian University hosted a lecture by Khatchig Mouradian entitled, "Raphael Lemkin and the Armenian Genocide: How the victims of the Medz Yeghern prepared the way for the adoption of the UN Genocide Convention.", in the Media Center of the University.

Mouradian, the Editor of the Boston-based newspaper, the Armenian Weekly, and member of the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS), was introduced by the University's Student Life Director, Antranig Dakessian, who considered him as being one of the best elements of the young generation in the Lebanese Armenian community.

The lecture highlighted the influence the Armenian massacres had on Raphael Lemkin, the author of the term genocide who worked tirelessly for the adoption of the Genocide Convention. Mouradian stressed that Lemkin had the Armenian Genocide in mind while he was conceptualizing the term and defining the perimeters and criteria of the genocidal process.

Mouradian also talked about the role the Armenian communities and the Armenian media played in the adoption of the UN Genocide Convention and its ratification by various countries. The term Genocide was first used in the Diaspora newspapers in the late 1940's and Shavarsh Missakian was the first one to use the term in Paris-based newspaper "Haratch", Mouradian explained.

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