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Students Step into a Rich Cultural Week just before Final Exams

Beirut, 20/06/2008- A week prior to the final examinations, Haigazian University students performed a series of cultural activities, from a stage dance performance, to a painting exhibition, to a classical music audition, thus proving once again that art is the remedy of the mind soul and body.

The week started with a stage dance performance, entitled "Steps". Students offered a unique medley of traditional and modern dances, such as, salsa, Rumba, samba, tango, waltz, jazz, hip-hop, oriental dance, dabke and Armenian folk dance. "Flaming Hearts! That is what you will find on stage tonight! Students who committed their time and energy into a passion", said Peggy Bedoyan, Students Resources Coordinator.

The 4th annual student art exhibition opened with thirteen students displaying around thirty oil paintings. This year's subjects and styles of painting were music, still life and abstract. People playing musical instruments were very impressive, as well as the fruit and vegetables presented in the still life paintings. Students' Art Advisor, Raffi Yedalian, appreciated the new artworks, and the noticeable advancement of the students, year after year. Artist Rosevart Sisserian was acknowledged on the opening day.

The Classical Music Club, under the supervision of Registrar Roubina Artinian, performed a rich mix of chamber music pieces, of world renowned composers such as, Chopin, Handel, Amirkhanian, Bach, Debussy and Khatchadourian. Most of the performers are students in the National Lebanese Conservatory, pursuing a dual degree in Music.

After last May's political turmoil in Beirut, and right before their final examinations, Haigazian University students once again expressed of their will and determination towards accomplishment, positive thinking and art appreciation.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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