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Student Life resumes its co-curricular activities

Student Life resumes its co-curricular activities

"A Choice to learn, serve and unite." With this new motto for the AY 2008-09, the HU student body, in coordination with the Student Life Office, has taken steps towards the resumption of co-curricular activities.
During the past 10 days the Haigazian University student population has been busy recruiting incoming students to clubs and sports teams. Besides this, they have elected the cabinets of the Computer Science, Education, English, Political Science, Natural Sciences, Business students' and Seniors Societies, as well as the cabinets of the Actors, Arts & Crafts, Dance, Debate, Desert Streams, Environmental, Extreme Sports, The Haigazian Herald, Heritage, Music, Photography, and Social Activities Clubs.
In parallel the HU sports teams, namely the chess, martial arts, men's and women's basketball, men's football, table tennis, tennis and swimming teams, started their regular practice sessions.
The prevailing enthusiasm among students and the support of the university administration are firm signs that Haigazian University Student Life is on the doorstep of another dynamic, productive, and cheerful co-curricular activities year.
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