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Glimpse of Life
"Glimpse of Life": The Recent Works of Lucy Tutunjian at Haigazian University

On Friday, October 31, 2008, opened the painting exhibition of Lucy Tutunjian at the Haigazian University Art Center, Matossian Gallery, in the presence of Ministers Raymond Audi and Jean Oghasabian, Member of Parliament Hagop Kassardjian, Bishop Kegham Khatcherian, University President, Rev. Paul Haidostian, and a host of community dignitaries, artists, media representatives, and art appreciators.

Tutunjian displayed more than 40 oil and watercolor paintings of medium size, representing according to her a "glimpse of her life". The collection is an amalgam of beautiful scenery, family gatherings and motherhood.

As French artist Matisse once said, "in the beginning you must subject yourself to the influence of Nature", Nature itself helped nurture the art of Lucy Tutunjian. The vivid sites and scenes are inspired by the picturesque countryside of her town Baabdat, in Mount Lebanon, and the exotic sceneries in the Far East, represented in "A View from Bali", which the artist had visited earlier in her life. The intensity of the light, the brightness of colors, and the raw beauty of the landscapes, are magnified with the use of the green color, with all its degradations, in addition to the red, yellow and the blue.

A fulfilled wife, mother, grandmother and philanthropic lady, Tutunjian excels gracefully in putting her spirit and love in her paintings, where family gatherings, children, mothers, resonate positive energy and an exceptional joy of life.

A full-fledged artist, a gifted pianist, Tutunjian also puts on view in "The Piano", her stunning black "piano-a-queue", beautifully decorated by a vase of flowers, a corner of her house that she cherishes the most.

Lucy Tutunjian was born in Cairo, Egypt, where she was initiated to painting by the Egyptian born painter Puzant Gojamanian.
Settling in Lebanon in 1950, she continued her studies under the supervision of artist Lucie Nercess.
In the early 1960's, she broadened her scope of art by working under the guidance of the renowned artist Paul Guiraguossian who ignited her passion of painting, improving her taste, style, and technique.
Since 1962, she has participated in more than 30 solo and collective exhibitions in Beirut, Cairo, Montreal, New York, New Jersey and Yerevan.

"Glimpse of Life", is in course till November 11, 2008.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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