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Haigazian University Celebrates Christmas

Starting early December, Christmas preparations begin at Haigazian University, filling the air with a twist of joy and happiness.

Faculty, staff and students get involved with Christmas celebrations, engaging in activities from decorations, banquets, student parties, gift exchange to holiday plans.
Lounges, main entrances, offices, bulletin boards, buildings are decorated with light and Christmas trees. Santa hats are hanging from the ceilings, and other decorations are adorning the walls creating a festive environment.

The special chapel service dedicated to Christmas was the right opportunity to gather the whole Haigazian family to share together the real meaning of Christmas.
Led by the new Campus Minister, Rev. Greg Lee-Parker and his wife Kristina, students, faculty, staff, and friends of Haigazian assembled to remember what Christmas is all about-the birth of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. The service included singing Christmas carols, a worship band, two videos produced by members of the Haigazian community, a dramatic reading preformed by five students, and a speech delivered by Rev. Lee Parker.

As an annual tradition, President Paul Haidostian hosted the Christmas dinner in honor of the faculty and staff. Haidostian shared some of his thoughts during Christmas, remembering the underprivileged and major genocides and atrocities of the 21st century, and thanking God for the opportunity of rebirth.
Guests had a wonderful time by enjoying Christmas trivia, food and gifts.

Just before the New Year, the staff will gather once again for a holiday celebration, and the Armiss (Armenian Evangelical) choir will have its performance on the occasion of the Armenian Christmas.

Haigazian University is one of the unique institutions where one is fortunate enough to really feel, enjoy and experience Christmas.

Truly Christmas is all around at Haigazian University, and what a blessing it is.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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