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David Barsamian lectures at HU: Breaking Media Monopoly
David Barsamian lectures at Haigazian University:
Breaking Media Monopoly

"Information is central for a good functioning Democracy" said Mr. Barsamian, an American freethinking activist, founder and director of "Alternative Radio" that broadcast independent and award winning weekly series, based in Boulder, Colorado,

During a lecture organized by the Heritage Club, on April the 5th , 2005 at Haigazian University, David Barsamian introduced the audience with the mechanism by which the American Media functions. In fact, 5 big corporations dominate the US media, which are: AOL, NewsCorp, Disney, GE, and Viacom. These corporations have direct impact on media agencies, such as, Time Warner (CNN), Fox, ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Barsamian noted that Information is central for a good functioning Democracy, and journalism itself needs a broad spectrum of information, therefore was the need of creating the "Alternative Radio", a medium to provide a counter narrative to the news broadcasted by these few news agencies.

Barsamian named several independent news agencies in the States, which work with small budgets, yet try to present different points of view from different perspectives, like Indy Media, Community Radio, Free Speech TV, Democracy Now, South End Press, and Alternative Radio.

Barsamian is a radio producer, journalist, author, and lecturer. He co-authored several books with Noam Chomsky, Eqbal Ahmad, Edward Said and others.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director.
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