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Haigazian University awards H.E. Mrs. Leila Solh-Hamade the University “Service Shield”
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Haigazian University awards H.E. Mrs. Leila Solh-Hamade the University “Service Shield”
Haidostian: It is Haigazian University that has been honored through honoring those servants in the past and present
Beirut, 06/05/2009- On May 1, 2009, Haigazian University grasped the unique opportunity of its Board of Trustees meetings held for the first time in Beirut since May 2006, to award H.E. Mrs. Leila Solh-Hamade the University “Service Shield”, during an exquisite dinner at the La Marina Club, Dbaye.
Present were members of the Board of Trustees led by Chairman Mr. Herair Mouradian, the President of the AMAA, Dr. Hrair Aharonian, the President of the UAECNE, Rev. Megerdich Karageuzian, the President of the University, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, the Deans and key Staff members, in addition to Haigazian University partners, the US Ambassador, Mrs. Michele Sison, the Armenian Ambassador Mr. Roupen Kharazian, the Vice President of the Al Waleed Bin Talal Foundation, Mrs. Leila Solh Hamade, as well as special friends of the University, cabinet Ministers Jean Oghasabian and Alan Tabourian, and MP Dr. Bassem Shabb.
 The program started with a word of welcome by the University Public Relations Director, Mira Yardemian, who appreciated the sense of calling and the vigorous efforts of the Board members, to hold the meetings in Beirut, after a two-year break, due to the political situation in Lebanon.
 After the opening prayer offered by trustee Rev. Carnegie Calian, the Executive Director of the AMAA (Armenian Missionary Association of America), Andrew Toriguian greeted the audience, and highlighted the pivotal role Haigazian University is playing in the Armenian Diaspora, proving excellence in education and preserving the Armenian and Lebanese heritage.
 In her word of greeting, US Ambassador to Lebanon, H.E. Michele Sison, expressed her government’s sincere commitment to investing in the future of the youth and future generations, through education. Sison stressed the importance of creating a support system to nurture the new generation, thus, going beyond just providing basic education. In this respect, Sison highlighted the value system of Haigazian University, in nurturing its students, and preparing them for future leadership positions, and expressed her joy for granting US support to the scholarship program at the University.
 President Haidostian addressed the audience, acknowledging the presence of the Board of Trustees as an occasion of the renewal of the original vision of the founders of Haigazian.
“The training of leaders and of servants of society was always high on their agenda, and continues to be so today as well. … And yet, in our education we know that all leadership aims at serving the most needy, and service is the most noble and impressive styles of leadership”, Haidostian noted.
Haidostian found this unique opportunity of the Board visit to specially recognize a multi-faceted and far- reaching servant leader, known in Lebanon through family history and personal endeavor, a personality that is both a symbol and act of indiscriminate service to all communities of Lebanon and beyond, i.e. the Vice President of the Al Waleed Bin Talal Foundation, H.E. former Minister Mrs. Leila Solh Hamade, whose friendship to Haigazian University has been much more than symbolic, and her leadership role in the Al Waleed Bin Talal Foundation really exemplary.
President Haidostian, bestowed upon Her Excellency an honor that Haigazian University considers as part of its calling, an exclusive and highly selective shield, the Haigazian University Service Shield.
This shield, bestowed by Haigazian University upon selected prominent personalities who embody the noble values of the University (Truth, Freedom and Service, and the greatest of these is Service), on the national and global scene has been granted before to three prestigious personalities only, and Mrs. Solh-Hamade became  the fourth person.  The previous recipients were: H.E. Minister of Foreign Affairs the Armenian Republic, Mr. Vartan Oskanyan (2005), His Excellency former and late Prime Minister of Lebanon, Mr. Rafic Hariri (2001), and the President of the Armenian Republic, Mr. Robert Kocharian (2000).
“It is Haigazian University that has been honored through the honoring those servants of humanity in the past, and today Haigazian University is really honored by you joining our list of special honor”, said Haidostian while presenting the shield to Her Excellency, accompanied by the Chairman of the Board, Herair Mouradian.
 H.E. Leila Solh Hamade expressed her gratification and pride while receiving the exclusive and highly selective Haigazian University Service Shield, praising the prominent role Haigazian has played in Lebanon, as a revered representation of the Armenian people. Solh acknowledged the participatory role of Haigazian University in the Lebanese community, as an active partner in the country, and as a prestigious academic institution that groups all political and religious denominations without any differentiation.
Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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