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HUWA visit First Lady Andree Emile Lahoud
The Haigazian University Women's Auxiliary (HUWA), paid a visit to the Lebanese Presidential Palace on Tuesday, January 4, 2005, and met with First Lady Andree Emile Lahoud, wishing her a happy and successful New Year. 

The purpose of the visit was to ask Mrs. Lahoud to patron the Mothers' Day event, which will take place in early May 2005. 

The celebration of Mother's Day has become a tradition on HUWA's agenda, and a well-appreciated activity in the Lebanese society; each year, several women are honored and recognized for their scientific, cultural and social contributions and achievements.

Discussions also focused on the 50th Anniversary of Haigazian University, whereby the delegation highlighted the upcoming celebrations to occur throughout the year. 

After receiving her symbolic gift, some 50th Anniversary promotional items, Mrs. Lahoud thanked the delegation, responded positively to their request for patronage, and in return wished the University a successful and prosperous New Year. 

Mira Yardemian
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