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90th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide
Haigazian University commemorates the 90th anniversary of the Armenian genocide.

The 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was well marked at Haigazian University. The whole month of April was dedicated to the Genocide memory, the Armenian cause, and its future perspectives.
The heritage club at Haigazian University organized a series of events in this respect, starting with a lecture on April the 5th, 2005, by David Barsamian, an Armenian freethinking activist, founder and director of "Alternative Radio" located in Colorado. Barsamian tackled the issue of "Media Monopoly" in the United States, and the means of creating alternative stations in order to break this monopoly and to disclose the other side of the truth to the people.
On April the 22nd, the club launched its 30 minutes CD, a documentary on the history of the Armenian people from the year 1315 till 2004. The documentary analyzes mainly the Armenian cause and the struggle of a people since 90 years to impose its question on the international public opinion, and press on the Turkish government to recognize the genocide. During this event, the president of the University, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian addressed the audience, talking about the Armenian heritage and culture. In addition, he presented some old real estate documents of the Armenian territories which belonged to some Armenians before the mass deportation from their homeland.
In addition, another shorter CD was prepared featuring survivors from the city of "Garin", wherein an old lady described the atrocities the Turks have conducted.
On April the 25th, Dr. Adnan Said Hussein, professor of Law and Political Studies at the Lebanese University, gave a lecture on "The Armenian cause at the Present International Relations". The playground of the university was filled to capacity with students, faculty and staff. Dr Said Hussein considered that the Armenian cause exists because of the existence of the Armenian people, their land, and because of the reality of the genocide in the year 1915. From a legal perspective, Dr. Said Hussein explained that the genocide is internationally viewed as a crime, and the cause does not become obsolete because of time. Therefore, he stressed on the creation of an international court through insuring a majority at the United Nations which will demand the material, moral and political rights of the Armenians in the Diaspora.
The heritage club, in cooperation with the Armenian political parties, religious denominations and youth organizations prepared a questionnaire aiming at forming a database of people who survived or died during the period between 1915 and 1918, so that it may eventually be included in the archives of the Genocide Museum in Yerevan, Armenia.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director.
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