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Registration Circular for Fall Semester 2009-2010
SEPTEMBER 14, 2009


As we are getting closer to the beginning of the next academic year, I would like to bring the following to your attention.

A. Late registration (preparation of schedule): September 22– September 25.
Students, who fail to pay their fees during the period of payment of fees, will be fined A LATE PAYMENT FEE OF 10,000 L.L. PER DAY.
B. Beginning of classes : September 28.
    First semester classes will begin on Monday, September 28, 2009. 
C. Change of schedule   : September 28 – October 2.
Students who had registered for a course, but failed its prerequisite course either at the end of the spring semester 2009 or summer session 2009, should change their schedule during the change of schedule period.  Change of schedule will be done on line, and can be done from home using the following link:
D. Collecting student identity card: September 29 – October 2.
Starting Tuesday, September 29 until Friday, October 2, student identity cards will be available at the courtyard.
E.Collection of statement of fees : October 6 – 14. 
   Process of installment forms  : October 6 – 14.

Please follow the steps below:
1. Complete Social Security papers with the Personnel Staff, in the Auditorium from:  8:30 – 12:30pm / 1:30 –  4:00pm
2. Go to the Billing Office to get the statement of fees.
3. Go to the Cashier’s office to process the installment forms.  
F. Payment of fees: October 19 – October 26.
II. Medical Plan:

Lebanese students are required to join the medical plan of the Lebanese Social Security. The annual fee for this is 150,000 L.L. (subject to change) payable during payment of fees. (For more information see attached note).
Parallel to the Lebanese Social Security Medical plan, all HU students will benefit from a medical emergency insurance that has a coverage of up to $5,000 in an open network (that is all the Hospitals that are contracted by Fidelity) for all medical emergencies at a yearly rate of $90 (including personal accident). This emergency insurance policy is mandatory to all students. Only those students will be exempted who show evidence of (other) private medical insurance coverage that overlaps with the above-mentioned policy.
Please note that in all cases students are not exempt from the insurance on personal accidents. The annual fee for this is 15,000 L.L.
Before getting your statement of fees from the Cashier’s Office, you have to bring with you the following items:

For further information, please refer to Mr. Jean karam – NSSF Office, Mugar Bldg, Room 113.
1. If you had a social security card last year from HU, you have to bring with you the photocopy of yourاخراج قيد فردي      
2. If you parents are registered in the social security, or are employees in any governmental office you should confirm this bringing a written certificate stating that you have Health Insurance, covered by your parents.
3. If you are below age of 25, you should bring your اخراج قيد عائلي 
4. If you are above age of 25, you should bring your اخراج قيد فردي 
N.B.: You must meet this requirements  before paying your fees; otherwise, you will not be allowed to attend classes.
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