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Haigazian University Staff Retreat
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On Friday, 11 September 2009, twenty Haigazian University staff members enjoyed a prosperous and enriching weekend in Bethania Retreat Center, Harissa, Lebanon.
The afternoon kicked off with President Paul Haidostian’s briefing on the University’s areas of growth. He considered that Haigazian University has witnessed growth and development in many areas of its life, such as the number of staff, physical facilities, and budget. Haidostian also tackled the noticeable advancement in areas such as Information Technology, policies and procedures, academics and the public image of the University.
Moreover, the President shared with staff members the future projects of the University. Among the most vital challenges, “fundraising comes at the top of the list, in addition to strategic planning and academic advancement”, Haidostian noted.
The second day started with a time of meditation. Campus Minister, Rev. Greg Lee-Parker gave the analogy of the “Ripple Effect” in the water, motivating all staff members to provide positive ripples to their surroundings. Reading from 1st John, chapters 3 and 4, “let us love with action and truth”, Rev. Parker reiterated the fact that the “ripple effect” should be marked by love, positive action, responsiveness and service. “Institutions are not loving by nature, but people are loving”, Parker noted.
The retreat also included a training session in “Project Management”, in addition to group exercises of self-study and assessment.
The retreat was the perfect opportunity for the staff to reconnect with each other, understand each other’s needs and problems, as well as a chance for development and advancement. Definitely a boost for a positive start-of-the-year!
Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director

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