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55th Anniversary Alumni Event
Haigazian University to Celebrate 55th Anniversary in Los Angeles
              "It is impossible to educate humanity without love."
               Dr. Armenag Haigazian
Los Angeles, California June 5, 2010: This year marks the 55th anniversary of the establishment of Haigazian University. On Friday November 12, 2010, alumni, the Women’s Auxiliary, and friends and supporters of Haigazian University in the United States will be hosting a gala banquet at the Glendale Hilton in Los Angeles to mark this milestone.
“We are truly blessed to witness the continuous transformation of Haigazian University. As one of the top ranking institutions of higher learning in Lebanon, we are adding new programs and expanding our facilities to meet the growing number of students seeking our unique multicultural and family-oriented environment,” said Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, president of Haigazian University. “We call on our alumni to stay in touch with their Alma Mater and participate in our celebratory events whether in Beirut or Los Angeles,” added Dr. Haidostian.
The evening promises to be entertaining, featuring honored guests, music and a guest speaker from the early years of Haigazian. The keynote speaker at the banquet will be Professor Manoug Manougian, Ph.D, most notably known for forming the Haigazian College Rocket Society and co-producing and co-authoring a four-hour television series, The Genocide Factor, which has aired on PBS Television nationwide.
The Haigazian University Board of Trustees, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, current university president, as well as past presidents, Dr. John Markarian, Dr. Gilbert Bilezikian, Dr. John Khanjian and community leaders in Los Angeles plan to attend the banquet.
Alumni and friends of Haigazian are invited to contact us at (818) 281-0351 or by emailing the Haigazian Alumni Office at to update their contact information and so that they can be added to our invitation list (kindly include telephone numbers and your current postal and e-mail addresses).
Help us get the word out for this exciting event! See you on November 12.

                               55th Anniversary Organizing Committee
                               Los Angeles, California
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