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A Different Christmas Taste at Haigazian University

Students Bloomed a Neglected School in Northern Suburb



          Little did Haigazian University students expect the contrast of an area in the Northern region of Lebanon when they arrived at a school in Bbnine, Akkar, early Saturday morning. By Sunday afternoon, they even least expected that this unique experience would have impacted their lives in such a profound and positive way.

            Around 30 students, divided into different task groups, spent 2 full days of their Christmas vacation, renovating entirely a neglected school, a huge project anticipated by Desert Streams, the humanitarian club at the university.

            The project carried the theme, “Building for a Better Lebanon”, aimed at bringing happiness and better living and learning conditions to underprivileged children.

            On the site, students engaged in resolving different problems that the school was undergoing, such as humidity, broken walls, and electricity.

            At the end of the workshop colorful paints covered the darkened walls, thus making the classes radiant with cheerful colors.

            Students, in their turn, improved their organizational skills, in addition to the spirit of help and cooperation which led to the success of the event.

            “We started with 30 volunteers, and ended up with 30 professionals”, said Alan Keyrouz, Assistant Student Life Director.

            “The Student Life at Haigazian aims at discovering every single capability in each student, channeling theses capacities in the actualization of projects that require a big capacity”, noted Antranik Dakessian, Student Life Director.

            In a TV appearance, students Dima Matta and Dunia Krayem explained how this experience enriched their interpersonal skills, as well as helped them fulfill the University’s motto, “Truth, Freedom and Service”, stressing on the vital importance of carrying out such activities, especially in underdeveloped areas. During two radio talk shows, Talar Mandoyan and Maria Mahdesian tackled the issue of the organization and the coordination of such a big event.

            President Haidostian expressing his gratitude said, “University education is never complete without the development of a strong sense of compassion, as well as social responsibility, and these types of support of the needy are a step towards character building and the type of education we aspire to.”


Mira Yardemian

Public Relations Director

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