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“The Current Challenges of Basic Education in Lebanon”
Beirut, March 12, 2010- On March 10, 2010, Mr. Fadi Yarak, Director General of the Ministry of Education, delivered a lecture entitled “the Current Challenges of Basic Education in Lebanon”, in the Haigazian University Auditorium. The lecture was organized by the Alumni Office of the University, on the occasion of Teachers’ Day, and attended by a number of University professors, school teachers and principals.
Mr. Yarak was introduced to the audience by the University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian.
 “It is an honor for us today to host a visionary official and highly efficient administrative figure, such as Mr. Yarak”, said Haidostian.
Mr. Yarak began his lecture by presenting the Ministry’s vision towards problems and solutions, in addition to a number of suggestions for the near future.
Yarak said that the main aim of the Ministry is “to insure quality education opportunities to everyone, thus, enhancing in the building of an integrated society, and boosting its economic development.”
Yarak shared with the audience the goals of the education-sector programs for the coming 5 years, which included, launching a comprehensive development program for teachers, requiring the Teaching Diploma as a ‘must’ in their career. Modernizing scholastic administration, enhancing interaction between schools and local communities, in addition to periodically training school principals. Providing infrastructure through renovation, rehabilitation, building new schools, and securing the necessary human and logistic resources. Imposing the opening of kindergartens, and assuring obligatory education till the age of 15, in addition to promoting active citizenship, community work, and volunteerism through the curriculum.  

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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