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“The Cry of the Orphans”
Haigazian University Commemorates the 95th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Missak Keleshian on “The Cry of the Orphans”
On the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, Haigazian University hosted Mr. Missak Keleshian, a popular name in the Armenian community for his surveys of Armenian historical facts, photos, monuments and heritage sites, who presented an emotive, yet very inspiring lecture on the Armenian orphans and immigrants during their mass deportation in April 1915.
The lecture took place on Wednesday, April 7, 2010, in the hall of the First Armenian Evangelical Church, next to Haigazian University, among a capacity audience.
The program opened with a word of welcome by the Haigazian University Public Relations Director, Mira Yardemian, who considered that “a photo is worth 1000 words”, inviting the audience to share “a unique story of adversity, hardship, torture, and suffering of Armenian orphans and immigrants who endured during their mass deportation, but also a story of faith, compassion, courage and survival of the Armenian nation.”
Then, Mr. Kelechian presented his illustrated lecture by showing photos of the various orphanages in the Near East, focusing on two Lebanese orphanages; the Antoura orphanage which sheltered thousands of Armenians, and the hand made rug prepared by the orphans of Ghazir, which is currently displayed at the White House, donated as a gift to the US President then.
In conclusion, Kelechian thanked and paid gratitude in the name of all massacred Armenians, massacre survivors, and the entire Armenian nation, to the tremendous relief support the Near East Relief had carried out on the eve of the Armenian Genocide, in April 1915. He acknowledged the countries whose governments had an instrumental role in this global welfare; the organization was led by the United States, and included many offices in countries like Australia, Great Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, Greece and many others.
Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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