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Environmental Club Workshop
Beirut, April 22, 2010 – The Haigazian University Environmental Club organized their second Awareness Workshop this year on Saturday, April 17th. Created with the aim of increasing awareness of environmental issues and encouraging schools to start their own environmental projects, this ten-hour workshop included around 30 high school students as well as a few teachers from different schools in Beirut. 
The twelve club members worked diligently and enthusiastically for two months to plan the workshop and invite the schools to participate. Lecturers from AFDC and Greenline, two well-respected environmental NGOs, were invited to speak about hot topics such as Global Warming and Forest Fires. Empowered Haigazian students gave the rest of the lectures, addressing such diverse topics as Waste Management, Project Planning, Communication Skills and Teamwork.
Each lecture was followed by a game or an activity that somehow related to the topic under discussion, thus effectively involving the participants and cementing what knowledge and skills they had acquired.  The program also included watching a documentary about global warming and having lunch at the cafeteria (with a salad option for the vegetarians).
All in all it was a very successful event. The club received very positive feedback from both the students and the teachers who were at the workshop and were urged to prolong their workshops to more than one day, incorporating more detailed topics. The Environmental Club is very happy with the results and feels motivated by this project to continue to work hard.
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