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“Springtime Melodies”: The Recent Works of Lotti Adaimi
On Friday, April 16, 2010, opened the painting exhibition of Lotti Adaimi, entitled “Springtime Melodies,” at the Haigazian University Art Center, Matossian Gallery.
The multi-talented Adaimi expresses a harmonious blending between East and West in the 37 paintings that were put on display. As the art critic Caesar Namour states, her art brings “the formal geometry of Bauhaus to the fluid ornamental decoration of the Orient.”
Inspired by Oriental mosaics and patterns, her art is a creative amalgam of shapes, beautifully represented in vivid colors. Adaimi manages to express complete freedom in her designs as well as in the great variety of materials that she uses for her art while at the same time containing this freedom within an organized framework.
Looking at her collection of “Springtime Melodies,” which includes flowers, birds, rain and other spring-inspired motifs, gives one the impression of a spring day, peaceful and yet full of life.
Lotti Adaimi was born in Düsseldorf, Germany and received her education in German Language and Literature Studies and Art History at the University of Cologne, after which she moved to Lebanon, where she has been living since 1963. Adaimi has been vey involved in cultural activities in Lebanon, for which she received the Federal Cross of Lebanon in 2007. She is the director of the German Cultural Center as well as the founder of the Chamber Orchestra “Baroque – Ensemble”.
She has participated in exhibitions in 12 countries in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East and was granted several distinguishing awards for her unique artwork, including the First Prize of Sursock Museum in Beirut in 1967.
“Springtime Melodies” is in course till April 26, 2010.
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