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Haigazian University-Lifelong Learning and the Said Foundation signed an agreement for teacher training on May 31, 2010. Ms. Ailsa McLardy, Director of Lifelong Learning, signed for the continuing education division of Haigazian University. Ms. Layla Rahmeh, Programme Manager, Syria Programme, signed for the Said Foundation, a charitable organization registered in England and Wales.
The Said Foundation’s programs are designed to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan. The main aim of the newly agreed program is to promote the inclusion of children with disabilities into mainstream schools all over Syria.
Under the two-year agreement Lifelong Learning will provide training in Damascus to a group of 30 teachers selected through the Syrian Ministry of Education. The teachers will learn about including special needs children in regular classes. Children with disabilities will be the ultimate beneficiaries.
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