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Symposium on Human Resources Management
Minister Harb: “A new plan for free healthcare and monthly pension for retired citizens is to be implemented within the coming two years.”
On Friday, June 4, 2010, the Faculty of Business Administration & Economics at Haigazian University organized a symposium on Human Resources Management, covering management trends and issues in various economic sectors.
In his welcoming address, Dean Fadi Asrawi emphasized that “the importance of human resources management within an organization is becoming increasingly understood in today’s rapidly changing and uncertain business environment.”
“With the ability to cut costs, save time and increase productivity, an H.R. Management system is an investment that companies will long reap benefits from” Asrawi added.
Asrawi highlighted the fact that Human Resource Management is a new emphasis at Haigazian University which received accreditation this year.
President Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian placed importance on the human resource as one of the “God-given resources” that Lebanon has in abundance. Addressing the need for good human resources management, Haidostian added that “much effort is needed to turn the preparation of professionals in Lebanon to benefiting from these same professionals in Lebanon as well.”
The keynote speaker, the Minister of Labor, H.E. Sheikh Boutros Harb, tackled the issues faced in Lebanon concerning modern HR management. Speaking up against corruption in the public sector, Harb said that it is “disgraceful and unacceptable.”
“This has to do with favoritism. Some politicians still consider the citizen as their own client. If he needed a job or promotion then this can be done through these politicians,” Harb explained.
The minister added that a new plan for free healthcare and monthly pension for retired citizens is to be implemented within the coming two years.
The symposium included a number of distinguished speakers. Fay Niewiadomski, Founder and CEO of ICTN, who discussed contemporary trends in human resources and their impact on local and global economies. Renalda Hayek , Head of Group Human Resources Division at Byblos Bank talked about case studies of actual human resource practices in Lebanon. Dima Malak, assistant manager at the auditing firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers, covered human resources in the auditing field and Amine Dib from the Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel talked about attitudes versus skills. Then Kunjala Chandole from ICTN discussed whether the human resource curriculum reflects the needs of businesses in Lebanon, and Layal Darwiche from the AVERDA Group concluded the symposium with a talk about the impact of human resources on development and performance.
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