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Haigazian University receives a USD 450,081/- grant from USAID
Beirut, 16/07/2010- On Friday the 16th of July, U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon, Michele J. Sison presented a check of USD450,081/- to Haigazian University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian, to finance scholarships for deserving students. This funding provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), will support 356 needy undergraduate students.
Ambassador Sison, accompanied with a delegation from the Embassy, met with a number of students, Board members, faculty and administrators.
“Haigazian University is an architectural jewel, its relatively small size fosters a personalized attention and care to the student body”, noted Sison.
While presenting the check, Sison highlighted that these funds are the contributions of the American people to the people of Lebanon, through the medium of the Embassy. She also formally marked the renewal of the US commitment to the American model of higher education, considering that the educational funds allow students from throughout Lebanon to study and contribute to the continuous development of Lebanon. “Our support to Haigazian University assists students as they make Lebanon, the region and the world a better place”, Her Excellency commented.
President Haidostian thanked the Ambassador, and acknowledged that through the partnership with the USAID, Haigazian University can now accomplish much more than it can do on its own.
“Beneficial exchange among people and countries take place through sharing of resources. Lebanon’s human resources and institutions of capacity building have been a gift to the world for two millennia and more. (…) While a major US resource that exceeds financial resourcefulness is the American people’s culture of voluntarism, and the value system that teaches sharing one’s resources,” Haidostian noted.
The President reiterated the fact that Haigazian University will continue to promote a culture of honesty and transparency in a social atmosphere that is characterized by openness to all persons and communities. “We prepare people so that they may share their gifts of skill, knowledge and experience with others,” Haidostian said.
The ceremony was followed by a reception and a chat with students in the University garden.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director 
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