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New Students Follow a Thorough Orientation Program at Haigazian University
Beirut, Friday, September 17, 2010- Some 150 students followed a thorough three-day-orientation program at Haigazian University, a program designed to introduce new students to all aspects of university life, be it academic, communal, spiritual and social, thus, facilitating their transitional phase from high school to university.
The program kicked off on Wednesday, September 15 with the Lebanese National and them and the University Alma Mater.
Talking of the Ripple Effect, Campus Minister, Rev. Greg Lee-Parker asked the students to always be positive, towards life and towards fellow students and faculty.
The Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Arda Ekmekji, in her turn saluted the students on behalf of University President, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian who was out of town on a business trip. Ekmekji shared with the new recruits the meaning of the HU motto, Truth, Freedom and Service, encouraging them to always search for truthful knowledge, to question and to revise this knowledge, and finally to actively participate in campus life.
The Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Dr. Fadi Asrawi, highlighted the strengths of the field of Business at Haigazian, presenting the latest results of success of the students in international tests and programs. He stressed on the fact that at Haigazian University students are trained to become the leaders of the future, as the education provided is carried out in a nurturing environment, which takes into consideration the student as a whole entity; mind, heart and spirit.
University Registrar, Mrs. Anahid Fermanian shared with the students some general advices and guidelines, such as, on time registration, deadlines respect, mandatory class attendance, and etc …
Student of the Year 2010, Garo Agopian, shared with the new comers some reflections of his university years, saying that Orientation at HU is a unique experience by itself, which enhances you with social and leadership abilities.
Orientation Program Director, Dr. Berge Traboulsi, wrapped up the event, stressing on the fact that the Orientation course is a university requirement, and students should attend the designed sessions on Academics, Haigazian Culture, Student Life, Information Technology, Laboratories, Counseling, and effective use of Library resources.
Finally, all new comers enjoyed a friendly brunch with faculty and staff.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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