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Haigazian University Founders Day and Outdoors

On Friday, October 22, 2010 the students, faculty and staff of Haigazian University celebrated Founder’s Day in a festive mood, combining the occasion with an outdoor event that featured shows, music, food and competitions.

The event kicked off with the Lebanese national anthem, followed by the university Alma Mater and a prayer by the campus minister, Rev. William Gregory Lee Parker. The university President Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian welcomed everyone and thanked God for fifty-five fruitful years. He urged the students to search for the “quality of life” in this academic year at Haigazian.

After the President’s word, the HU Student of the Year, Garo Agopian fondly remembered his four year journey at Haigazian and expressed his gratitude to the university. He concluded with a desire that the students will be “inspirations to others.”

Student Life Director, Antranik Dakessian followed with a word of thanks to all those who worked hard on this Outdoor event, particularly all the active students in clubs at Haigazian. Then the Outdoors officially commenced.

 The Social Activities club spent months organizing the first big student gathering of the year. Many student clubs had their own booths, promoting their clubs and selling food and handcrafts. Individual students with an entrepreneurial flair had the opportunity to sell whatever they wanted to at their own stands. Books, chocolate and olive oil where among the things for sale.

The entertainment at the event featured some professionals from outside, including a fire show and the crazy dunkers. Haigazian students also had the chance to showcase their talents, whether it was in a band or in a demonstration of football skill.

Among the clubs represented there , the Extremers had a rappel activity where adventurous people could go down a wall on a rope. Some clubs were interested in conveying a certain message, such as the Environmental club, which invited people to hug a tree, and the Sorority club, which asked for students’ opinions concerning women’s rights.

Students exhibited their friendly competitive spirit in the contests especially prepared for this event. A group of creative students were challenged to design outfits for a fashion show out of limited material they were given. A food competition gave them the chance to eat as many hamburger buns as they could in a short period of time. There was even a contest for the cutest hug.

The evening concluded with music and dance. Students engaged in lively Lebanese dabke and Armenian dance competitions and the cheerful atmosphere pervaded all who were there.

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