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Founders' Day
Haigazian University Celebrates Founders'' Day

"The unending task of higher education is to prepare its students for service in today''s ever-changing world. The reality is that tomorrow''s world has already surfaced. If the clouds of conflict circling our world today ever converge into devastating storm, we could say that ''apocalypse now'' is here," claimed Rev. Dr. Carnegie Calian, President of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, during the Founders'' Day celebration at Haigazian University, on Monday the 18th of October 2005.
The event which also served as the concluding activity in the University''s 50th Anniversary celebrations, started with the Lebanese National Anthem, as well as a prayer offered by the Campus Minister, Rev. Nishan Bakalian.
In his words, President of Haigazian University, Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian stressed on the importance on "beginnings; in particular, good beginnings."
"The good beginnings of Haigazian focused on training teachers, pastors and leaders ready to serve others? Good beginnings of Haigazian witnessed real partnership between the local community in Beirut and the Armenian-American community? Good beginnings of Haigazian helped it navigate wisely during the turbulent days of Lebanon? above sectarian and blinding politics. The good beginnings of Haigazian kept it away from financial gain? focusing on academic programs and sense of community," said Haidostian.
In his keynote address, Dr. Calian considered that the future is what we do now. "Our future state is eventually a product of what we do now than of what might be done to us," Calian pointed out.
Student of the year 2005, Mohammad Fakhoury acknowledged "the family atmosphere" at Haigazian. "In this family environment, every student has the chance to grow and reach his potential," Fakhoury noted.
Vice chairman of the Board of Trustees, Rev. Robert Sarkissian, wished the University a prosperous and successful life, specially during the 50 years to come.
Haigazian Student Band brought their contribution with a musical interlude that cheered the audience, in addition a video presentation revived the best moments of the 50th Anniversary celebrations.
After students, faculty, and staff singing the Alma Mater, a student photo exhibition, featuring the best photos highlighting the 50th Anniversary of Haigazian University, wrapped up the event.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director

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