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Music in Dialogue: The Ground We Share
Beirut, November 1, 2010 – On October 20, 2010 at 5 pm the religion department at Haigazian University hosted a lecture entitled “Music in Dialogue: The Ground We Share” by Father Cyprian Consiglio in the University auditorium. The event was organized in cooperation with two organizations: the Forum for Development, Culture and Dialogue (FDCD) and Adyan.
Haigazian Campus Minister, Rev. Greg Lee Parker welcomed everyone and introduced the speaker, Fr. Consiglio, a Camaldolese monk, as well as a musician who lives primarily in California.
Fr. Consiglio’s aim is to bring people from different religions together through music and for that purpose he has composed songs that incorporate the major faiths of the world. He found his calling in life when he met an English monk named Bede Griffiths who established a Hindu-Christian ashram in India. As part of his tour through Lebanon and Syria, Fr. Consiglio performed some of his songs at this event at Haigazian and also introduced his audience to the story behind each song.
Guitar in hand, Fr. Consiglio exhibited his versatility by chanting with his beautiful voice, first in Latin and then in Sanskrit. He then introduced the audience to his philosophy of universal contemplation and entered into a discussion with them about the world religions and how each is a different experience of the ultimate truth.  Everyone participated when he sang a universal peace prayer and they enjoyed hearing him sing in Arabic.
The songs and the lecture inspired a question and answer session at the end, which was followed by one last song about wisdom and compassion that arose from Buddhist traditions.
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