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School and University Table-Tennis Tournaments in Haigazian University
The Athletics Department of Haigazian University organized and hosted its 4th annual inter-university and 2nd annual high school table-tennis tournaments on Saturday December 11th, as of 10:30 am in the First Armenian Evangelical Church’s basement, next to the University campus.
The tournament, which was organized and supervised by the HU Sports Coordinator, Sahag Bidinian, hosted 18 universities and 19 schools, with a record breaking number of 60 university and 56 school athletes.This was indeed considered a great accomplishment taking into consideration the bad weather during the day of the competition.
Furthermore, the increase in the number of participants speaks about the credit and weight this tournament carries in the context of table tennis tournaments in Lebanon.
The fact that the HU Athletics Department organized inter-school table tennis tournament for the second year in a row speaks of continuation of a new dimension and a revised scope in the sports events carried out by the Department.
The prizes were awarded by the HU president Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian to the first four winners (in both categories of schools and universities) in the presence of parents and head coaches. 
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