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Christmas and New Year in Family Spirit
Christmas at Haigazian brings a smile to the faces of all the students, faculty and staff, as they eagerly celebrate this special time of year. The spirit of the season reveals itself in the bright decorations put up all around campus and the various Christmas events that were organized.
The Haigazian family gathered together for the special annual Christmas chapel, which took place on December 15th. Led by the campus minister, Rev. Greg Lee Parker, as well as a team of eager students from the spiritual life group, this event was dedicated to our Savior Jesus Christ, reminding us of what Christmas is truly all about. Everyone enjoyed the student-produced video that asked why people celebrate Christmas. They heartily sang Christmas carols along with the worship team and were moved by the Christmas sketch performed by six Haigazian students, after which they listened to the Christmas message delivered by Rev. Lee Parker.
The music club prepared its own very special Christmas concert on the 20th and 21st of December. The audience was rewarded with an hour of enthralling Christmas music performed by talented Haigazian students. The sound of flutes, violins, trumpets and pianos lifted the hearts of everyone there.
President Paul Haidostian, as well as the Staff Activities Committee helped the Haigazian family get into the spirit, by hosting the annual Christmas dinner and New Year lunch. It was a time for everyone to share good food and gifts and enjoy Christmas trivia.
Christmas at Haigazian is a time of joy and celebration and remembering what the season is really all about. It is a time when everyone is united, infused with the family spirit.
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