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Book launching of Hushartzan Ousoutchabed Peniamin Jamgotchiani
Haigazian University, together with the prominent French-Armenian scientist, Dr. Ari Topouzkhanian, had organized an event marking the 115th anniversary of Headmaster/principal Peniamin Jamgotchian’s birth. The event, which took place on December 4, 2010 at 6:00 pm in the Auditorium of the university, included the book launching of Hushartzan Ousoutchabed Peniamin Jamgotchiani.
The opening of the event was done by the University Librarian Ms. Sonia Sislian. She mentioned that Mr.  Jamgotchian was a great teacher and a beloved principal in whose honor the School No. 119 was founded in 1993 in Yerevan, Armenia. She also mentioned that a similar event was held in that same school several weeks ago.
On this occasion, the principal of School No. 119, Mr. Hovhannes Garabedian had sent a speech that was read by Ms. Sislian. According to Mr. Garabedian, Mr. Jamgotchian was very passionate about the Armenian Nation and the Armenian language. Moreover, he was particularly fond of the school and the student.
Later, public speaker Mr. Kevork Daroni presented Peniamin Jamgotchian -- the educator.  He mentioned that Mr. Peniamin had a great input in forming and developing the Lebanese-Armenian identity. 
Later, two Haigazian University students Karoun Bardakjian and Sarine Krajian presented Mourad Melikian’s Knaragan (a musical session).
Excerpts from the Hushartzan Ousoutchabed Peniamin Jamgotchiani book was presented by Dr. Arshalouys Topalian, a lecturer at Haigazian University.
Finally, Dr. Ari Topouzkhanian, honorary editor-in-chief of Panper magazine, presented the book and person of Peniamin Jamgotchian.   He mentioned that the book is divided into three main parts:
a.Memoirs of P. Jamgotchian
b.Articles of P. Jamgotchian
c.Testimonials of friends, relatives, as well as the 100 anniversary event details, post-mortem awards …
He also mentioned that Mr. Peniamin was an honest, humble ideal man.  He was an exemplary Armenian and an exemplary person. According to Dr. Topouzkhanian, the book Hushartzan Ousoutchabed Peniamin Jamgotchiani truly presents Peniamin‘s achievements and accomplishments
The event was concluded by a reception in the Matossian Gallery where many acquired copies of the book and talked about the man in whose memory they had attended the event.
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