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Remembering Armenia's Earthquake at Haigazian University
 Remembering Armenia's Earthquake at Haigazian University

On Wednesday the 7th of December, the whole Haigazian community was invited to a special chapel service, commemorating the 17th anniversary of the disastrous earthquake that hit Armenia in 1988, which resulted in horrible outcomes.

The program, presented jointly by the Spiritual Life and the Heritage Club of the University, carried a special message, "Holding on to Hope."

After watching some pictures from the earthquake, thru a slide show, along with the words and music of the touchy song "pour toi Armenie" of Charles Aznavour, the audience stood for a moment of silence in respect of the memory of the victims.

A video clip featuring some excerpts of the documentary movie "Surviving the Richter Scale" described the experiences of people who survived the earthquake, and how they rebuilt their life after such a tremendous tragedy.

The "Avedis" choir of Armenia, which was in Lebanon on their last day, enriched the chapel service, paying their tribute to the occasion by singing 3 songs, (Der Voghormia, Sanctus and Ave Verum Corpus).

Campus Minister, Rev. Nishan Bakalian delivered the address of the service, by encouraging the youth to holding on to Hope, through strengthening their faith in God, thus surpassing daily difficulties and problems.

Towards the end, Rev. Bakalian also remembered on this occasion the earthquake which hit Pakistan not long ago during this year, and asked the audience to contribute to this country with their material and moral support.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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