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Seminar on: The Role of Principals in the Digital Age
Haigazian University – Education Department
On Thursday, April 7, 2011, the Department of Education at Haigazian University organized a seminar entitled “The Role of Principals in the Digital Age.”
This was the fourth seminar in the series of lectures organized for the occasion of the 55th Anniversary of the university.
The opening address was given by Mira Yardemian, Public Relations Director of Haigazian University, who welcomed everyone to the seminar and discussed the significance of redefining the way schools operate in the digital age, as well as the key role that principals have to play in this initiative.
Representing the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Mr. Fadi Yarak, the Director General of Education, shared the ministry’s plan to utilize new developments in the field of Information Technology.
Yarak stressed the importance of investing in education, particularly in the professional development of school principals and in the implementation of the E-portal system.
With regard to the ministry’s project of leadership training for school principals, Yarak emphasized planning and management skills as well as various educational issues such as implementing the curriculum and developing teachers’ skills and community service programs.
The following speaker, Dr. Chris Moacdieh, principal of the Christian Teaching Institute (CTI), was there to talk about some issues and challenges that school administrators may face in the use of technology at schools.
“IT is a fast-moving field, and schools often find themselves bewildered by a multitude of technology options” Moacdieh explained, adding that some additional challenges included financial concerns, the ever-changing IT market, and the reluctance of some teachers to use computers as an instructional aid.
The final speaker was Mrs. Lina Osseiran, principal of Adduha High School, who focused on “quality professional development strategies” to integrate technology in the Lebanese curriculum.
Osseiran addressed the issue of providing adequate training for teachers as well as the various technological mediums that students could make use of to assist in their learning.
 “We can only enhance academic excellence by creating rich learning environments that are reflective of 21st century concepts,” added Osseiran, discussing the role that technology has to play in students’ academic success.
The seminar concluded with a handout addressing the professional development of teachers in the technological age, followed by a reception.
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