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Selected Marvels of the Arabic Language
Dr. Raja T. Nasr lectured on "Selected Marvels of the Arabic Language"

On December 15, 2005, the Cultural Hour at Haigazian University hosted,
Dr. Raja T. Nasr, Professor of Education in Marymount University,Virginia, who gave a presentation on the "Selected Marvels of the Arabic Language: From Sounds to Sayings".
Dr. Nasr started by emphasizing on the richness of the Arabic language especially in its system of valorization (al tafkhim). He expounded on the fact that although no written rules determine these intonations, every child who learns the Arabic language immediately grasps naturally whether to put the stress on the first or second syllables of the words used.
Following the rhythm of word structures and comparing it with English words, the lecturer traced the relationship between language and folk music comparing thus how the English language inspires the waltz beat while Arabic that of the popular dabke.
Dr. Nasr also explained how early Arabic was inspired by the Aristotelian scale of nature and how the concept of the Absolute (al Mutlaq) became embedded in its grammatical rules.
Finally, Dr. Nasr presented a rich array of Arabic sayings and adages, demonstrating how these cover the entire spectrum of human concerns such as social life, health, economy, religion etc?
At the end of the lecture, a very vivid discussion took place between the lecturer and a very engaged and enthusiastic audience.

Dr. Raja T. Nasr has his Bachelor''s degree from AUB, and his Master''s and Doctoral degrees in Education, Applied Linguistics, and American Literature from the University of Michigan.
Formerly Professor of Education and Linguistics at Beirut University College (LAU) and Director of the Center for English Language Research and Teaching at the AUB, Dr. Nasr is the author of forty-two articles and fifty-eight books. He has lectured in numerous universities around the world and trained teachers in twenty-one countries in four continents.
He is currently a public speaker in the United States and Professor of Education at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia.
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