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Haigazian University Staff Retreat
On Friday, May 13, 2011, the Haigazian University staff members enjoyed an afternoon at the Conte Hall of the new Heritage Building, spending some valuable time together.
The event started with a time of meditation, led by the Campus Minister, Rev. Greg Lee-Parker. Focusing on the dynamics of the region as well as that of Haigazian itself, Rev. Lee-Parker noted that in spite of all the dynamics in the region, political and regime shifts, demonstrations, chaos, and the dynamics in Haigazian as well, preparation for graduation, different student events, and end of year activities, things will calm down and soon everything will set back to normal.
President Paul Haidostian briefed the staff members on the significant growth and development that Haigazian University has been experiencing, in such areas as the number of staff, physical facilities and budget. Furthermore, Haidostian shared the future plans and challenges of the university, including the issues of fundraising, strategic planning and academic advancement.
The retreat also included a professional training session on “General Business Etiquette” given by Ms. Sonia Sabbah, a corporate image consultant.  The training covered various topics, ranging from dress code and cultural etiquette to telephone and email etiquette as well as basic communication skills.
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