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Language and Technology Workshop at Haigazian University
On Saturday, May 14th, 2011, the English Department at Haigazian University hosted a Language and Technology workshop in several computer labs at the university.
This workshop was part of the series of events planned throughout this academic year for the occasion of Haigazian University’s 55th anniversary.
Organized by two English instructors at the university, Ms. Caitlin Cornell and Mrs. SaharHamzeh, the workshop was attended by around 100 school and university instructors, eager to learn more about using technology in education.
The morning kicked off with several presenters, including Ms. Myrna Haykal and Rev. Greg Lee-Parker, the Campus Minister, as well as the event’s co-organizers. They discussed the various advantages and uses of technology in the classroom, carrying schools into the 21st century.
The concurrent sessions offered attendees a variety of programs to explore, including audio recording and editing software, websites for creating interactive classroom wikis, online bookmarking sites for educators, Internet-based presenting tools and more.The workshop concluded on a high note, with all the participants enthusiastic to share what they had learned with their respective schools and universities.
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