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HU Environmental Campaign
On Saturday, May 21, 2011, the Haigazian University Environmental Club organized a campaign to clean the streets of Bourj Hammoud in collaboration with the municipality of Bourj Hammoud and Sukleen.
This campaign is a follow up to last year’s successful cleanup campaign in the streets of Hamra. This year, once again, students from various schools and universities took part in the effort to make Lebanon a cleaner place, proudly wearing the message of “it’s not shameful to clean, but it is shameful to litter” on their t-shirts.
The 60 participants used tools provided by Sukleen to work for many hours, covering a huge area from Bourj Hammoud to Dora. In addition to giving the participants an experience they will never forget, this project was also aimed at spreading awareness to the public in an effort to reduce littering on the streets, a major concern in Lebanon.
The Environmental Club at Haigazian feels that with projects such as these, there is hope for the future generations to care about the environment.
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