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Haigazian University Dance Performance
On May 20 and 21, 2011, the Haigazian University Dance Club displayed their abilities in the annual dance performance which took place at the Abu Khater Theatre in USJ.
The performance, entitled “Steps 4: In Colors,” was headed under the powerful theme of a united Lebanon. The fifty-five dancers, coaches and choreographers spent endless hours working for several months to bring people the message of reclaiming their colors. Red, black, green, yellow and all the rest were brought back to their original meanings, as students from different backgrounds, religions and sects joined hands on that stage.
The beautiful dances, many of whom were choreographed by Haigazian’s own Lebanese champion dancer, Mher Kandoyan, displayed a world of colors in the various costumes, music and genres shown on one stage. From traditional Armenian dances to hip hop, from salsa to dabkeh, the dancers gave it their all, proud of their unity and all the difficulties they have overcome.
Haigazian University has always been a place that encourages the arts and annual performances such as these help students discover their talents and channel their passions into something great.
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