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Haigazian University Actors Club Performance
On April 29, 30 and May1st, 2011, the Haigazian University Actors Club performed the comedy play, Neil Simon’s “The Dinner Party,” at Babel Theatre in Hamra.
The seven actors, some of whom had never been on a stage before, worked tirelessly for six months together with their director Zeinab Assaf to bring this production from the page to the stage.
The story of three couples that face complications and misunderstandings was told completely in black and white (set, props and costumes) with the help of the wonderful set designer Nada Abou Farhat. The addition of a Lebanese tourist in the play was the director’s personal touch, and it was received extremely well by the audience.
Around 500 people came to see the play, which was advertised on several TV stations and other media, and it brought a great deal of personal satisfaction and accomplishment to the Haigazian students that were given this chance by the university to pursue their passion for acting.
The club has performed a major production nearly every year since its founding.
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