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Orientation for U.S.-Funded Scholarship Program at Haigazian University
On September 14, 2011, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Haigazian University launched anorientation program for 65students selected for USAID’s University Student Assistance Program (USAP). This program providesfull undergraduate scholarships at Haigazian University to public school graduates from throughout Lebanon, covering tuition fees, living expenses, housing, books, and other educational costs. Over the course of the three day orientation, students will become acquainted with USAP, the university, student life on campus, academic requirements, and the city of Beirut.
This $13.5 millionU.S.-funded program supports beneficiary institutions to provide full scholarship assistance to economically disadvantaged public school students in Lebanon so that they may attend institutions of higher education in Lebanon. The United States' support for Lebanese students reflects the inherent value the the American people and the government place on educating youth. The strong partnership between the people of Lebanon and the United States offers the promise of a better life, enhanced job opportunities, and a peaceful future.
Under the USAP program with Haigazian, USAID provides Lebanese students with the opportunity to attend American-style higher education institutions that promote tolerance, gender and social equality and challenge students to develop leadership skills, critical thinking, and initiative.
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