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Tea Time with Haigazian University's Women's Auxiliary
Tea Time with Haigazian University's Women's Auxiliary

"We drink tea to forget the turmoil of the world", a Chinese sage once said.
And so, daily worries and troubles were forgotten for a while at the amusing and very agreeable tea party held by the Women's Auxiliary of Haigazian University, on the 10th of December, 2005, in aid of students scholarships.
The party was held at the Tamaris restaurant (which specializes in desserts) in down town Beirut, in the presence of Fist Lady Andree Lahoud and a bouquet of ladies from different institutions and backgrounds.
The opening welcome was addressed by Mrs. Teny Hasserjian, chairwoman of the auxiliary.
Mrs. Mayda Keleshian, the Maestra of Ceremony, in a very interesting manner provided the audience with information about tea, its history, different kinds and benefits.
This feminine encounter was accompanied by a presentation on DVD of the celebrations of the university''s 50th anniversary, and 2 demonstrations by Mrs. Anahid Doniguian, who with exquisite talent presented a "poinsettia cake" and delicious Christmas muffins.

Mira Yardemian
Public Relations Director
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