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Book Signing of “SEUILS” by Krikor Beledian
On Monday, October 31, 2011, Haigazian University organized a book signing for Krikor Beledian’s “Seuils”, which has been newly translated into French. As a francophone evening, the event was organised in parallel to the 18th Francophone Book Fair at Biel that will run until November 6.
This is the second year in a row that Haigazian University has collaborated with “Editions Parentheses Diasporales” to present books written in French but signed by Armenian authors.
Dean of Arts and Sciences, Dr.ArdaEkmekji welcomed everyone to this event and introduced Beledian as a man coming from “among us”, born in Achrafieh and later moving to France, where he pursued a prolific literary career.
Beledian shared with the audience the long process of writing this book, which was first published in Armenian in 1997 as “Semer”. Tracing the lives of three women in an Armenian family as they live through the genocide and make their way to Beirut, the book offers a window into the heart of Armenians in the diaspora.
After discussing his collaboration with Sonia Bekmezian to translate the book into French, a short passage from the book was read both in French and in Armenian to give the audience an opportunity to compare the two.
The event concluded with an engaging Q&A session before everyone was invited to the Mugar hall for a reception and the signing of the books.
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