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Diabetes Awareness and Prevention at Haigazian University
On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, a lecture entitled “Diabetes: Awareness and Prevention” was held in the Haigazian University auditorium at noon on Tuesday, November 15, 2011.
The event was a collaboration of the Faculty of Health and Sciences at Haigazian University and DiaLeb, a non-for-profit organization created in 2011 that aims to promote diabetes care and prevention and support research in search for a cure.DiaLeb works to promote healthy lifestyles and spread awareness about diabetes in order to make living with the disease more manageable for all those affected as well as their families.
The main speaker was Haigazian Faculty member, Mrs. MireyKaravetian, a clinical dietitian currently pursuing her PhD in health promotion at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. Karavetianbegan her lecture by giving a basic introduction on diabetes and its different types, including how it is diagnosed, managed and treated.
Karavetian also gave some good advice on leading a healthier lifestyle and following good nutrition practices that can help prevent the onset of diabetes.
The lecture was followed by the personal testimony of Hera Eid, a current Haigazian student who is living with Type 1 Diabetes. She shared her experiences with diabetes, emphasizing how important the support of her family and friends was to help her deal with the disease.
Eid also stressed on the lack of information about diabetes, bringing the crucial role of DiaLeb to the forefront. “I can see how much knowledge we need and how important it is to have organizations like DiaLeb which work on this cause.”
Eid concluded with the affirmation that the disease has made her stronger and the hope that her experience could be of benefit to others.
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