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Call for proposals from Non-Governmental Organizations: Leadership Training
Title: University Student Assistance Program (USAP) - Haigazian University
Issuance Date: January 23, 2012
Application Submission Date: March 12, 2012
Dear Sir/Madam:

Haigazian University, through the University Student Assistance Program (USAP) Office, is seeking applications from non-governmental entities to implement a leadership training program.

Eligible organizations (local and international) interested in submitting an application are encouraged to read this RFA thoroughly to understand the type of program sought, application submission and evaluation process.


 Applications shall be submitted in two separate parts: (a) technical (including a methodology description, an annual plan of work, background of organization, and description of relevant past experience) and (b) cost/business application.
 Each annual work plan for activities and sessions will clearly indicate specific tasks and individual responsibilities for task completion including all activities managed and implemented against a set timeline for objectives.
 Cost application will exclude training facilities, and food/beverages. Taxes should be marked separately. It will include a detailed budget submission per activity, per year.

Applications must be in English and must be submitted directly to the USAP Office of Haigazian University to:
Maissam Nimer, USAP Program Manager
Telephone: 01-353 010/1/2 ext 215; email address:
Mexique Street, Kantari P.O.Box: 11-1748
Riad El Solh 11072090 Beirut, Lebanon

Questions and clarifications may be addressed to the USAP Office at any point prior to the application deadline.

Description of the Selection Process:
Application(s) which are deemed to offer the best overall value and meet USAP objectives will be selected for award. Depending on the proposals, one or more organizations may be chosen to be sub-awarded. The USAP office will evaluate the technical/programmatic merit of each application as measured against the evaluation factors.

Once apparent successful applicants are identified, additional information and discussion may occur between the applicant and USAP office. Submission of a proposal and discussions are not a promise of funding. Funding will be awarded solely through official notification by Haigazian to the successful applicant and based on a final decision.

Technical responses will be evaluated based on the following criteria:


 Proposal addresses all requirements, with particular attention to relevance, quality of program, and innovative approach.
 Approach is feasible and cost effective.
 Approach demonstrates understanding of likely challenges and how they can be effectively addressed (i.e. mitigating absenteeism, keeping students engaged over the course of 3 years).
 Applicant provides evidence of promoting tolerance, gender and social equality, and critical thinking.


The applicant’s performance information determined to be relevant will be evaluated in accordance with the elements below:

 Quality of product or service, including consistency in meeting goals and targets.
 Previous relevant work including a detailed account of the trainings and relevant projects implemented.
 Timeliness of performance, including adherence to schedules and other time sensitive project conditions, and effectiveness of management to make prompt decisions and ensure efficient completion of activities.

The cost application will be evaluated for cost effectiveness, reasonableness and cost realism.
The RFA includes the following sections:
Section 2: GOAL
University Student Assistance Program (USAP)
The following description indicates the range of activities that might be involved and the goals which the successful applicant will be expected to meet.


USAP is an ambitious program that provides 65 full undergraduate scholarships to public high school students from most districts of Lebanon while maintaining gender balance.

USAP is funded through the generous support of United States Agency of International Development (USAID). Project start and end dates: September 29, 2010 to August 31, 2017.

To be eligible for this program students are required to be graduates from public high school with a good academic track record, to hold a Lebanese citizenship and most importantly to demonstrate high financial need. The scholarship they receive provides full tuition fee, along with all other expenses incurred during their studies. Throughout their studies, USAP students are encouraged to actively participate in Haigazian University’s enriching student life to develop their leadership abilities, and in parallel they receive leadership training workshops and sessions as well as support to engage in community service by organizing activities to benefit their home areas.

Section 2: GOAL

The ultimate goal of this program is to provide participants with a solid training in academic fields that is practically oriented and prepares them to technically contribute to and undertake leadership positions in their respective fields. The combination of academic, leadership, and networking skills will help produce a new generation of young Lebanese who will be able to contribute to democratic and economic development in their chosen fields. These scholarship opportunities will assist Lebanon’s growing and active youth population better prepare and plan for the future.


Students in the program are required to take part in a variety of sessions on leadership, in which they will:

- Learn about leadership styles and practices.
- Participate in leadership development and critical-thinking exercises.
- Write a personal mission statement to make students identify what is really important to them, clarify their values and aspirations and integrate their personal mission statement into their lives.

Suggested activities to meet the above objectives include (but are not limited to):

- Workshops.
- Training sessions.
- Discussion sessions.
- Leadership retreats.

Topics can include (but are not limited to):

- Leadership basics.
- Cross-cultural communications.
- Cross-cultural studies.
- Ethics.
- Value-based leadership.
- Teamwork.

Service learning projects

One of the best ways students gain experience as leaders and responsible members of their communities is through engaging in meaningful service learning activities while at the University. USAP scholarship recipients at HU are required to be involved in the creation and implementation of projects to benefit their home districts. Projects in their home regions may include voluntarism opportunities or advocacy campaigns in schools, municipalities to name a few examples. Note that while the students are coming from 37 different villages/towns or cities, the plan would be to divide them into 10 smaller groups of students from neighboring areas and allow them to choose a locality in which to implement their project.

This is important for students in order to develop leadership skills related to their areas of development interest as well as strengthen ties with their home district. This should closely follow a ‘scaffolding’ approach over the study years, e.g. starting with more basic information on development issues, needs assessment, project conceptualization, design, implementation and evaluation.


Haigazian University anticipates making one or more award(s) to cover student leadership training. The performance period for this training program is estimated to begin in May 2012 and be completed no later than August 2014.


Applicants will be responsible for:

 Planning a strategy to be approved by Haigazian University for training for the duration of the performance period which corresponds to the requirements.
 Moderating and conducting training sessions and activities.
 Carefully monitoring and assessing participants to ensure that all participants complete their training program and gain full benefit from their experience by assessing the impact and outcome of training among students.
 Ensuring that the requirements of the program are being met for successful completion of the entire training in a timely manner.
 Remaining flexible for adaptation within training as per feedback from student and USAP office through ongoing evaluation process.
 Reporting to Haigazian University as per outlined reporting plan.

At the end of this program, Haigazian University would expect that:

- All scholarship students will write one personal mission statement each or a personal leadership philosophy. This includes identifying what is really important to them, clarifying their values and aspirations and integrating their personal mission statement into their lives.
- All scholarship students will gain familiarity in at least the leadership topics specified in section 3.
- All scholarship students will be actively involved in needs assessment of their communities, idea generation, strategically plan and implementation of a local community project.


The following reports are due to be submitted as per timeline specified throughout the agreement period:

Quarterly Progress Report

At the end of each calendar quarter, the Recipient shall submit to Haigazian University a brief progress report. It will summarize progress in relation to agreed upon benchmarks contained on the annual work plan. The report will specify any problems encountered and indicate resolutions or proposed corrective actions. The report will list activities proposed for the next quarter.

 Quarter 1: January 1 - March 30
 Quarter 2: April 1 – June 30
 Quarter 3: July 1 – September 30
 Quarter 4: October 1 – December 31

Quarterly Financial Report

At the end of each calendar quarter, the recipient shall submit to Haigazian University a quarterly financial report. It will detail financial expenditures which will be reimbursed on a quarterly basis according to the calendar above.

Annual Progress Report

It will be a comprehensive narrative report summarizing the previous year’s activities and accomplishments using the proposal as a starting point. The report will include status of project activities and will detail services delivered and progress towards achieving results identified. It will document both successes and failures of the interventions, and discuss reasons for shortcomings and recommend actions to overcome them.

Based on the report and outcomes, Haigazian University reserves the right to not renew the award for the following year.


The applicant shall develop and submit a plan for monitoring, collecting, evaluating and reporting data which will be used to measure overall progress towards achieving the goals of the program and compare project status over time. This plan shall be agreed upon by Haigazian University.

The plan shall also explain:

 How data and information will be collected, analyzed, and used for decision-making over the years.
 Which baseline measures related to program objectives will be collected prior to training for each participant.

Some indicators that are required include:

 Number of participants in training
 Number of leadership activities/sessions
 Percentage change in the knowledge of scholars about leadership skills
 Number of scholars who, by virtue of training improve their leadership positions in clubs
 Number of community projects developed
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