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This drawing workshop is designed to teach the basic drawing techniques and their applications. The workshop will cover measuring correct proportions and angles with the pencil-and-thumb method, hatching, shading, composition and perspective. (Materials: pencils and sketchpads)
Week one:
Measuring proportions with the pencil-and-thumb method; applying it to a single still-life object.
Week two:
Hatching graduation (shading); applying it in a still-life composition.
Week three:
Shadow and light on various shapes; application in a landscape drawing
Week four:
Basic composition rules; drawing a still-life composition by applying all the above techniques.
Week five:
One-point perspective; applying it in a drawing.
Week six:
Two-point perspective; applying it in a drawing.

SCHEDULE:  Thursdays, 6:00-7:40 p.m. (10 hours)
                   April 19 to May 24, 2012
Ms. Rosy Kuftedjian, who studied at the Toros Roslin School of Art, is an accomplished artist. She worked for eight years at the Howard Karagheusian Commemorative Corporation, where teaching children art and drawing was part of her responsibilities. She currently teaches drawing to adults.
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