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The workshop includes an overview of networking terminology, examination of different network architectures, and a focus on the physical components of computer networks. Trainees will learn network connectivity, the nuts and bolts of designing and rolling out a complete network, as well as how to install and administer Windows Server 2008 through configuring Active Directory objects and Group Policies.
- Familiar with Windows Operating System
- Familiar with the concepts of booting the system, installing software, computer hardware components (network cards, auxiliary storage devices, processor speed…)
SCHEDULE:  Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m. (12 hours)
                   April 11 to May 16, 2012
REGISTRATION: March 26 to April 4

Connecting Computers
-Identify the components of a Network
-Describe wired and wireless Network Connections
-Compare wireless Networking Standards
-Describe the various Network architectures
Networking Computers
-Use the OSI model to determine the level of communication used in Networking
-Describe how various types of addressing are used to identify computers on a Network
-Identify technologies for establishing Internet connectivity

Building a Network
-Create wired and wireless Network using computers, router, and firewall
-Setting IPs and joining domains
-Troubleshooting client Network problems

Introduction to Windows Server Operating System
-Illustrating the Client/Server concept
-General Information about creating forests, trees, domains and Trusts
-Installation of Windows Server 2008 and Active Directory

Managing and Maintaining Users/Computers/Groups/OUs
- Configuring Active Directory objects
- Users
- Computers
- Organizational Units
- Groups
- Strategies for using groups
- Automating Active Directory Object Management
- Delegating Administrative Access to Active Directory Objects

Creating and Implementing Group Policies
- Configuring Group Policy Settings
- Managing Group Policies
- Delegating Administrative control of Group Policy
  Designing a full network
Mr. Shant Estepan (B.S. in Computer Science, M.B.A. in progress, Haigazian University; Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist [MCTS]) is Network/Business Analyst at Haigazian University. He teaches ‘Networking Essentials’ to HU computer science students.
MORE INFORMATION from the Center for Continuing Education (College Building, Room 204)
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