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Language and Technology Workshop
On March 17th 2012 Haigazian University welcomed school and university instructors for its second Language and Technology Workshop organized by Ms. Caitlin Cornell (English Language Fellow) and Mrs. Sahar Hamzeh (Haigazian University). 
The workshop, sponsored by Haigazian University and the U.S. State Department’s English Language Fellow Program, introducednew forms of technology and explored the pedagogical implications of using that technology in English language instruction.
Among the topics explored: ActivInspire (Ms. RawanYaghi and Mr. HossamAwad), Photostory (Mrs. Sahar Hamzeh), Flip Cameras (Mrs. Sahar Hamzeh), Educational Social Networking (Ms. Rita Abdelnour), Podcasting (Ms. Caitlin Cornell), and Voxopop voice e-learning tool (Ms. Caitlin Cornell). 
Guest speakers, Peter Brown (U.S. Cultural Attaché) and Sheikh Jean Daoud(President of the National Evangelical Institute for Girls and Boys,Saida),commended participants on their dedication to professional development and theircommitment to improving English language instruction across Lebanon.
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